Copy Trading is the easiest way to get passive income

STOP spending hours analyzing crypto markets searching for the best entries!

ZEUS Copy Trading

What is Copy Trading and How it works

Copy trading is a function on an exchange that allows you automatically copy the positions opened and managed by ZEUS, our Algo Trading Bot.

ZEUS makes all the trading decision based on algorithmic data analyzing.

Why to copy trade our strategy?

How to join ZEUS Algo Copy Trading

Step 1

Register for Bybit account using our link: 

By registering on Bybit using our link you can claim  bonuses and you have lower trading fees. 

*If you already have a Bybit account, great, you can use it.

step 2

Copy your UID and fill out the form bellow


Step 3

Receive the invite link and start Copy Trade us

ZEUS Algo on Bybit

3 Steps to Start

2. Fill out this form

3. Receive the invite link

Frequent Questions

Copy trading allows you to copy experienced traders’ portfolios in real-time. After determining your investment amount, the system will automatically copy trades from the lead traders you follow.

After copying a portfolio, the system will automatically duplicate the trades executed by the lead traders for the copy traders. Order size would be based on the copy portfolio setting and market situation.

The maximum observed loss from the peak to the trough in the asset curve over a specific period.

We, ZEUS Algo, as a Master trader earn 30% profit share and from copy traders.

No, there is no lock out period. You can “unfollow” our account any time. 

Indeed, to copy professional traders is the great way how to do trading. You let professionals work for you. For that work you pay 30% profit share.

Yes, in trading there are wins and loses. But keep in mind that main aim of any Master trader is to be profitable because it is the only way how to earn that profit share.

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