Frequently Asked Questions

Registration and Membership

Yes, it is. After registration ZEUS will send you Alerts into your Telegram chat.

If you already have an account on Telegram you can use your current one. 

If you do not have an account yet here is a download link with instructions. 

The main difference between these two memberships is that FREE Member has limitation in timeframes, trading pairs and Indicators.  It has no access to our Trading Setups and PREMIUM Signals.

PREMIUM Member has access to all of our settings options.

To become a member you need to Sign up. Singing up is required in both cases (FREE Membership and PREMIUM Membership).

To Sign up please talk to ZEUS Bot and type /register.

ZEUS will create an account for you and will send you your Log in information.

Your Username is the same name you use for Telegram account.

If you are not sure what is your Telegram Username, talk to ZEUS Bot and type /username

If you forgot your password do not worry, just talk to ZEUS Bot and type /password.

ZEUS will reset your old password and create new one. You can change your new password anytime right after logging in using the new password.

my account settings

First thing you should set up in your account is picking preferred trading pairs (crypto coins). You can pick all coins available for the chosen membership or just pick few of them.

As a FREE Member you can choose from the first 20 top ranking cryptocurrencies while as a PREMIUM Member you can choose from more than 130+ cryptocurrencies. 

We use data from Binance exchange as it is the largest crypto exchange with the biggest volume.

If you want to trade on Binance with lower trading fees or you prefer other exchanges like Bitget check our discount links, register yourself using our links and enjoy lower trading fees and you can also claim your deposit bonuses. 

Yes, it is possible. 

For example on BTC/USDT you would prefer ZEUS to send you alerts when MACD Setup occurs on all 5 timeframes while it will search for RSI Extremely overbought only on 15m and 1h timeframes…

All Trading Setups and some Indicators are available only for PREMIUM Members.

You can make the purchase inside your FREE Member account. You can choose between 3 purchase options. 

STRIPE is the global market leader in online payments, used by thousands of businesses, with a primary focus on security and customer experience.

Trading Setups and Indicators


  • Indicates situation on the market where only one condition is fulfilled.
  • It may be candle pattern, volatility, change of trend, some oscillator or technical indicator.
  • It may give you signal but before you enter the trade you should confirm the signal with further analysis.


Trading Setup

  • It combines multiple indicators into one Setup which make it much stronger. It represents confluences of many technical factors happening on the market at the same time. 
  • Setups are constructed to avoid false signals and show only situations with high probability of success. 
  • Trading Setups identify strong entry points for a trade. 
  • All are backtested with very high winning score.

Our Setups follow the trend and combine multiple factors/ indicators to confirm strong entry point to the trade.

Premium Signals are examples of how certain coin can be traded on 1h timeframe. It is a BONUS feature for our PREMIUM customers only. 

No. We do not give any investment or trade advices. We do not know the future either.

PREMIUM Signals are for educational purposes only and define levels of ENTRY to the potential trade, Targets that could be met and price where Stop loss could be set to maximize your Risk Revard Ratio. These levels are calculated based on historical data and was chosen because of high probability of winning rate.

Although our Trading Setups and PREMIUM Signals are highly accurate in identifying strong entry points, there is always possibility of external factors to influence the market. So before you open a trade you should consider your risk tolerance.

There is many approaches how to manage risk but the golden rule is “Never risk more than 2-3 % of your account on single trade”.